What can your Tech do for you?

Earlier this month our company founder Alan Youngblood was invited to speak as a guest at the 1099 Ladies Networking event. Alan gave his talk What can your Tech do for you. Thanks to Lyndah Tello for inviting us! We encourage any women in the NC triangle area who are self employed to check out their group.

Here is Alan’s talk about “What your tech can do for you?” from the recorded Zoom session:

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What can your Tech do for you? It can boost your productivity and help you protect what’s important to you.

In addition to Free Open Source cost savings you can also use your technology to save time and improve your work. Configuring the tools you already use to communicate better with each other is all it takes to save time on routine tasks. Often your work can be easier if you have your tech tools optimized.

Cyber-Security planning is unique to your organization, but every plan shares a few common points.

  • Assessment of current systems, controls, data in use.
  • Identification of each one’s importance.
  • Taking reasonable measures to protect each item based on it’s importance.

The web-comic XKCD shows us why it’s important to protect your data with better unique passwords:

XKCD Password reuse

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