Quick Tips: Security on the Web

Secure Websites with SSL and HTTPS SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a standard protocol for ensuring that your data is encrypted and securely shared with only the people you trust. Get better SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and traffic when you use SSL/HTTPS! Customers and web visitors will trust you more. Check your website’s SSL/HTTPS here: https://www.whynopadlock.com/ … Read more

Quick Tips: Password Generation

 Password Generation It is best to use a passphrase with multiple common words, letters, numbers, and symbols that is easy for you to remember. Data security expert Edward Snowden recommends using a phrase like: “MargaretThatcherIsAlways120%Sexy” <-Obviously without the quotes and it’s important to note that you should make up your own, not using this nor … Read more

Quick Tips: RansomWare and Simple Security

Definition | RansomWare : software that is designed to encrypt (basically garble) your files and data with a password that only the malicious hackers know, holding your computer “hostage” while they name a price for you to pay to have the password and decrypt/re-access your own files. You’ve probably seen the reports of the WannaCry … Read more

Quick Tips: Windows Security

Taking a break from work? Gone for lunch? Try this quick tip on your Windows PC’s to increase you and your company’s security. Hold the Windows Key and Press “L” + L This will Lock your computer while you are away and anyone trying to access it remotely or in person will need your password … Read more