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Raleigh area IT Managed Services and Staff Augmentation

We’re looking to partner with companies in the Raleigh Triangle area who need help with their tech. We provide Managed Services and IT Staff Augmentation so you can get back to the work you do best.

Oak City IT has helped teams from the engineering industry, accountants, and startups in healthcare find success. We can take care of your organization’s IT, PC’s, Computer, Mobile, Cloud, DevOps, and Telecommunication challenges allowing you to get back to what you do best. Security is ingrained in all we do so you can rest assured your data is protected.

Officially founded in 2018 by Alan Youngblood, we know that it requires great trust to hire someone to work on your IT systems. Youngblood has nearly a decade of experience in IT and has routinely worked with a wide variety of systems and organizations. See our clients. Trust isn’t formed overnight and we would be happy to take the first steps together when you Meet us at the Oaks of Lake Benson Park for a free meeting and consulting.

Security Practices are ingrained in all we do. Your business is your business. Let’s keep it that way.

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Raleigh area IT Managed Services and Staff Augmentation

Managed Service Provider

We all rely on tech services like email, voice and teleconferencing, and data storage servers but what happens when things change? Suddenly nothing works or you have new employees or innovative new business plans and the solutions you rely on aren't ready.

That's where an MSP (Managed Service Provider) like Oak City IT comes in. We look at services as an investment and make sure you're covered for changes beyond just the initial setup. You can be confident that you are ready to approach any challenge the world and market throw at you and focus on what you do best.
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If you have an Internet connection you need a firewall. This is your best defense against many cyber threats that are increasingly common.

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PC Backups

What if you lost all your computers or access to them? If you have a regular backup of files, applications, and servers you can rest easy while your backups restore.

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Network Optimization

Internet slow? WiFi signal not working? Video calls jittery, choppy, or not working? There's always an improvement to make your network work.

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Web Development

Your Website is your most prominent and often only touch point for the community and world. Let's make a great impression!

IT Staff Augmentation

There are never enough hours in the day. Don't let that stop you when you have any technology projects that you need extra help. Call us! We'd be glad to look at how we can partner to add some experienced staff to your team.

Our founder, Alan Youngblood, has a decade of experience in IT working with many different systems and companies. While you might be able to show us something new, you won't stump us. Utilizing a foundation in the basics of computers, networking, and software development and experience solving tech challenges we will hit the ground running on any project you have.

Add Experience

Leverage a decade of experience in all things IT to get your project done today!

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In the Raleigh area and need IT Managed Services and Staff Augmentation? Fill in this quick form on our affiliated server and we will get in touch with you to see how we can partner to help with your tech!

Meet at the Oaks

Business isn't a walk in the park, But it can be!

Running a business or organization isn’t a walk in the park, but what if it were?

Join us for a walk among the oaks at the beautiful Lake Benson public park in Garner. We can chat about your organization’s goals and how we can reliably manage your IT and solve challenges to allow you to succeed at what you do best.

Exercise and fresh air are great for your fitness or to just clear your mind.

Initial meetings are free, and we will gladly schedule online voice or video chat if you prefer.

Call our business phone and please leave a voicemail to make sure we get your message through the screen:

Covid-19 Safety

Updated state and federal guidelines recommend:

  1. Obtaining safe and effective vaccination
  2. Wearing masks
  3. Maintaining a distance of 6 feet or more
  4. Washing our hands thoroughly with soap and water

We require all employees to be fully vaccinated and all clients, vendors, or other people meeting will comply with the guidelines to ensure a safe and successful environment for all.

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