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You rely on tech for everything,
Oak City IT keeps it reliable!

Reliable Tech Solutions with Oak City IT

Get reliable tech solutions with Oak City IT.

Do you use computers or technology at work?

Have customers or vendors trusted you to keep data confidential?

Ever had a problem with a system not working as expected?

Thus do you think your data and technology are worth protecting?

Has technology ever broken when you needed it the most?

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We believe that everyone deserves reliable and secure technology solutions that enable you to get the job done. Would you like to join our growing list of clients who’ve gained success using our solutions?

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Everyone from Fortune 50 companies up to those of us who have less than 50 employees need great technology. We find that many Fortune 50 companies already have lots of great people solving their tech problems. What does everyone else do? Often providers overlook those of us in start-ups, small businesses, family owned businesses, or non-profits.

So if you work in a small business, join us and our growing list of clients. We are designing technology more reliable, more secure, and leveraging it to outcompete larger companies. We use our experience from over a decade in Information Technology to find the best solutions to directly fit your needs.


  • Microsoft 365 iPhone Mail
    To seamlessly integrate Microsoft 365 Mail with your iPhone and stay technology agnostic, almost all Microsoft 365 Apps and services, including Outlook, can be synced to your iPhone. For detailed guidance, their new shorts video series, “Executive Summary,” offers tech insights and setup help. Like and subscribe for the latest tech tips.
  • Executive Summary MDMs
    “MDMs are vital for tracking and optimizing the use of company-owned devices like tablets and laptops. Executive Summary provides easily digestible tech insights through their new short video series and offers assistance with company tech needs.”
  • Executive Summary AI Human Perspective
    This Executive Summary video discusses artificial intelligence (AI), particularly how computers can learn and improve autonomously using AI, with a nod to ChatGPT3.5. The series aims to simplify complex tech topics. Viewers are encouraged to subscribe for more insights and are offered tech assistance for their company.

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With this in mind do you need help with your company’s technology? Want to see how much your tech is costing you? Need help modernizing your business? Fill in this quick form and we will get in touch with you. Let us help with your technology!

Meet at the Oaks

Business isn’t always a walk in the park. However, it could be!

Indeed, join us for a walk among the oaks at the beautiful Lake Benson public park in Garner. We can chat about your organization’s goals and how we can solve your IT challenges to reliably equip you for success.

Additionally, exercise and fresh air are great for your fitness and to clear your mind.

Accordingly, initial meetings are free and we gladly schedule online voice and video calls if you prefer.

Call our business phone and leave a quick message to make sure we know who to call back:


Covid-19 Safety

In order to ensure a safe and successful environment for all we follow federal and state guidelines.

  1. Obtain safe and effective vaccination including updating boosters annually.
  2. Wearing masks (N95/KN95 if available) when indoors, in crowded spaces, or where airflow is poor.
  3. Washing hands thoroughly with soap and water.