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The Password Problem

BitWarden is a free open source password manager that we will get you setup to quickstart.

We all use passwords everywhere because they are easy to implement and use and restrict data access to authorized people.

But they’re a pain to remember and create for every account. Password Strength

Worse, if you’re human like we are you can’t remember a unique password for every account you have. While larger companies use Single Sign On (SSO) Agents, there aren’t good options for small businesses. Don’t fret, we’ve got you with the password manager, and we recommend the free BitWarden. Password re-use

BitWarden helps with all these problems

  • Generate secure new unique passwords
  • Safely store your old passwords
  • Auto-fill passwords only when needed
  • Check for password re-use

Setting up BitWarden

  1. Start by thinking of a secure long passphrase much like the “correcthorsebatterystaple” example from above, but unique. Jot this down in a location you can physically access and protect like a locking file cabinet.
  2. Create an account with BitWarden. It’s free and easy.
  3. Download BitWarden (You will want to install it on all computers and mobile devices you use, but you can do that after you’re setup on your first machine)
  4. When you first install it on a device it will attempt to import any saved passwords from your web browser. Go ahead and do that. That’s what we want.
  5. Additionally you may want to disable your browser’s built-in password storage. We prefer using BitWarden because they work on all devices and browser built-in functionality invariably doesn’t.
  6. BitWarden offers some great written and video guides to use their software, check them out!
  7. Enjoy a free, more secure way to navigate your digital life!

If this Bitwarden Password Manager QuickStart helped you and you’d like help with other tech or have any questions contact us.

***Please Note*** Bitwarden is what’s called a zero-trust security solution. In simple terms this means that Bitwarden nor Oak City IT LLC have any knowledge nor access to your master password to unlock your secure data vault. If you lose this password you can still request a reset to your account and begin using it again, but all the passwords and data contained in there will be wiped. This also means that there is no way for anyone to accidentally or purposefully steal your data without that password. So it is important that you guard it.

Further Note: Bitwarden’s premium business service offers you the ability to setup main password recovery among other features like better secure sharing of data. Please contact us if you’d like to purchase this service as part of the managed services you purchase from us.

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