Chamber Business Networking Breakfast

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We got our morning started right with breakfast at the Chamber for business networking. We’re proud to be members of the Garner Chamber of Commerce since Spring. You might wonder why it took so long to join? Truth is we’ve been busy, but that’s never an excuse. So we’re making up for lost time now by attending as many events possible. We have been making some great connections with lots of great local businesses in Garner and the Triangle area. We’re always looking for new ways to help people with their IT challenges so they can focus on their goals.

Today the Chamber has restarted its Business Exchange Breakfast. Members and guests networked together and we were able to meet and chat with many others from some great businesses.

Alan at Garner Chamber Business Networking

We focus on local small businesses and non-profits and tackle your IT challenges so you focus on the work you do best. We always help with cyber-security, computer networking, websites, and tech support. Additionally we also like to help you integrate and automate any IT software or business processes you already use. What if you could accomplish the same work in a quarter of the the time? We’d love to help with that. We shared how we can integrate your website’s blog posts to automatically post to your social media accounts. Keep doing what you do best we’ll free up more time for your focus!

If you’re in a small business or non-profit organization and want some help with your IT, contact us today!

Come join the Chamber at our next event!

The Chamber is a great place to do business networking and there’s all sorts of organizations of all sizes. That’s why I’m excited to meet people that work at larger companies, even if you’re beyond our typical scope you might have referal partners or know others ways to collaborate. We’ve already met many larger IT firms that we will introduce you to if your projects are beyond our scope.