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IT work that actually works! We share all the best tips and tricks to tech in your organization. Also, posts show off our clients’ success stories which are ideas for how we can help you.

Modern computing technology requires a wide breadth and depth of knowledge. Thus we’re not only comfortable sharing our tips and tricks we insist on empowering you.

Your goals are our goals

Many IT service providers stick to old processes to do their job. This might have worked at one point, but you have new needs today to adapt to an ever changing world. Consider asking a professional that’s more in tune to your needs than trying to reach a quota on their ticketing system. To give you IT work that actually works for you we listen to your needs and goals first then apply our vast knowledge to the best solution for you.

Need something faster? Got a tight budget to work with? Need the best in class solutions? Our loyalty is solely to our clients. Trust us to not railroad you into a solution that fits our needs and forgets yours. Instead we will take your goals and consult with you on the best way to reach them.

Think global; act local

We have experience working with clients all over the world, but we like to focus on organizations in the greater Raleigh North Carolina area. We live here and we like figuratively and literally seeing eye to eye in person. If your Internet connection goes down, you don’t want to have to wait on service from someone in another time zone to try to fix it. You need help now. We look forward to earning your trust with the services you need and there’s no better way than to provide knowledgeable timely help in person!

Mac Mini's are new! Get a memory upgrade cheaper!

Save on Mac Mini  Memory Upgrade

If you’re like me like I know I am, you’re excited about Apple releasing the new Mac Mini 2018 model. After waiting 4 years for a new one, Apple’s taken customer feedback and made a better machine for everyone.

2018 Mac Mini
2018 Mac Mini

But you don’t have to take my word for it, just cruise on over to Apple’s Website and see the new Mac Mini’s for yourself.

While you are there, if you are thinking about getting a new one, consider if you want to pay their premium to get a good amount of RAM Memory. You will likely want more than the baseline 8 GB. I’d consider that acceptable today but only in laptops purchased for those who do not intend to do much multitasking or running memory intense apps (like those used for graphic design, video editing, etc.). My recommendation is no less than 16 GB RAM for a laptop and a desktop PC like the Mac Mini should really have at least 16 GB and I’d recommend 32 GB.

TL;DR: If you want to have a faster, more responsive Mac Mini but you don’t want to pay what Apple charges, send me an email and we’ll get you fixed up for less of your hard-earned cash.

Mac Mini 2018 RAM Memory options:

Base Models: $799 | $1099 (Both come with 8 GB RAM in baseline configuration)

Upgrade RAM to:

16 GB … Apple Price +$200 … Oak City IT Price +$180 … You Save $20

32 GB … Apple Price +$600 … Oak City IT Price +$400 … You Save $200

64 GB … Apple Price +$1,400 … Oak City IT Price +$1200 … You Save $200

Please note that this offer is only good for people and companies in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, NC Triangle Metro Area as we will need to meet in person for the labor to install the upgrades. This also will require some amount of lead time for the parts to ship in. Quoted prices for Oak City IT upgrades all include parts and labor, you will not pay more than what is listed. Payment is due upon acceptance of request by customer.

If you’d like to request this service or chat with us about your other IT needs send us an email!

Have an older Mac that needs a repair or upgrades? Check out our Workstation Hardware Services Page.


Security Alert: macOS High Sierra vulnerability and patch

Important security update for macOS High Sierra

If you use a Mac, chances are good that you enjoy the usually high level of security on the system. This week, however, a software craftsman discovered a vulnerability and reported it to Apple. The latest version of macOS “High Sierra” or 10.13.x can allow people to gain full system access (root access) via the internet with VNC or using your Mac in person.

What should you do? First, as always, don’t panic. Vulnerabilities are always potential for hackers to subvert your computer for their own intentions, but don’t mean anyone has done so to your computer yet. Check your version of macOS/OSX by clicking the Apple logo  in the taskbar at the far upper left on your screen. Select About this Mac, the first option. See if you have High Sierra or 10.13.x like so:

About this Mac
System Information in “About this Mac”

If you don’t have High Sierra Version 10.13.x, don’t worry this issue doesn’t effect you.

If you do, take a few minutes to grab this easy patch to the vulnerability with Apple’s official update.

Click on the Apple system logo in the upper left again  > App Store… # Updates.

The App Store updates page loads where you can select the system update and install it. That’s it, you’re done! You don’t even have to reboot.

Security Update on macOS App Store
Security Update on macOS App Store

However if you are curious about this issue how it was discovered and resolved; read more from Apple engineers via 9to5 Mac

Or check out a Software Craftsman Lemi Orhan Ergin who first discovered and reported this flaw to Apple at Medium.

For more on security updates, performance tweaks, and time-saving tips check out our blog, follow us on twitter @oakcityit, and follow our facebook Oak City IT page.