Vintage Church Firewall

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New network, new challenges

Vintage church prepared for growth by upgrading their Internet connection. However a faster network alone isn’t enough for an expanding organization. They needed a more robust protection against the growing list of cyber threats that increasingly face everyone. The church has been live-streaming church gathering since the global pandemic began in early 2020. Additionally, Vintage hosts Wake County Public Schools students and Triangle area YMCA counselors for coronavirus safe classroom learning. They needed a robust solution for a Vintage church firewall.

Defending the kingdom

Growing organizations require growing networks which require a stronger dependable line of defense against cyber threats. Firewalls act as a gate in between you and the Internet. They allow authorized users and actions while preventing others from doing anything with your data.

We wish we were making up the risk of cyber threats, but alas, it’s very real and increasing constantly. Organizations are increasingly targeted by ransomware. This virus locks out users from their computers while asking for a ransom to be paid to regain access. We strongly warn you not to negotiate with anyone attempting a ransom. Anyone that starts off with a bad faith argument is clearly not trustworthy. We model patience and resolve to earn your trust instead of demanding it.

Threats come in different forms as viruses or surveillance, or denial of service attacks that hinder your network from working. Malicious actors don’t give you a free pass if you’re a non-profit organization. Vintage needed a reliable solution without the large enterprise price.

Security without compromise and without breaking the budget

You may have heard of the industry leader Cisco systems that’s down the street in Cary, NC. They lead the industry because they make great products. But there’s also many other great options on the market now. Vintage Church decided on a firewall by Juniper Networks who make top-notch network equipment and charge more reasonable prices.

Vintage Church Firewall

We found a Juniper SRX device that does routing in addition to the firewall at a fraction of the cost. The equipment and licenses were roughly half of what some other systems cost.

The Vintage church firewall is configured specifically for their needs confidently securing their network.

Rest assured

Firewalls prevent all traffic incoming from the Internet unless specifically allowed in by configuration or a user’s unwitting actions. Hackers, overbearing government agencies, overbearing corporate agencies, and other malicious actors simply have no access into a firewall. Additionally Vintage has decided to use Juniper’s Unified Threat Management (UTM). UTM allows intrusion detection and prevention, URL filtering, and network-wide anti-virus. This proactive approach stops many cyber threats before they ever start.

Your business is your business. Let’s keep it that way.

Vintage Church’s staff and congregation actively help the community. They are obviously not intentionally doing anything harmful. When you provide Internet access or you take care of others you also need to take care of them digitally. Oak City IT provides peace of mind. You have a trust-worthy partner helping you manage confident control of your data.