Meet at The Oaks - Neal Isaacs

In our first of many meetings Alan met Neal Isaacs of VR Business Brokers at the Oaks of Lake Benson Park. We walked about 2 miles over about 45 minutes while discussing business, life in Garner, and of course tech!

Meet at the Oaks of Lake Benson. Call our business number 919-480-1547 or see the bottom of our Home Page for more details to schedule a walk in the park to talk tech and how our business can help you!

Alan and Neal at Lake Benson
From Left – Alan of Oak City IT and Neal Isaacs of VR Business Brokers

Neal is an ambassador at the Garner Chamber of Commerce and Alan has been getting to know other people and businesses at the chamber. It’s a fantastic group of people who are all passionate about community, their work, and helping others. Neal prioritizes relationships and has great ideas for improving businesses.

If you own a business and you’re looking to sell I encourage you to chat with Neal. You can find more info at his company’s website.

We talked tech briefly because I know not everyone wants to geek out like I do. Neal had asked about Internet Service options which seems to be a popular topic from other businesses I’ve heard. There’s often some relatively cheap and easy ways to boost your Internet speeds and I’m always excited to help clients discover those.

We shared our company goals and some strategies for how we’re both adapting to the rapidly changing market. I always appreciate chatting about business and helping others. This time around Neal may have shared more sage advice with me which I’m grateful. I’m sure it won’t be long before I pay it forward and help others like you!

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