Oak City IT Tech Shorts 04: Cost of Lacking Backups

Do you know the cost of lacking backups?

During the pandemic the only spreading more rapidly than the virus might be ransomware. Call hackers bluffs when you have a bulletproof backup plan.

cost of lacking backups

In early 2020 organizations paid an average of over one hundred thousand dollars for ransomware demands. You can’t afford to waste that on false promises from bad faith hackers. We can help you setup a backup strategy to keep data and systems online. Even if you lose computers in a natural disaster, your business will be fine.

More than just ransomware, your hardware will break some day. We have already helped clients with both of these underlying issues recover their data, repair or replace their devices, and get back online. A lot of the downtime, pain, and costs can be avoided by having a backup plan in place now for the inevitable problems that will occur.

That’s why we are encouraging new clients to join our flexible subscription plans where we include backup plans, virus protection, and remote monitoring with our support. Our plans offer you a 30 days cancellation policy. We want to earn your trust through reliable work that addresses your core concerns, not contractually obligating you to trust us.

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