Oak City IT Tech Shorts 03: Move Outdated Tech to the Cloud!

Move Outdated Tech to the Cloud

Do you know how much your out-dated tech costs?

Many companies have already moved to the cloud and the pandemic has made it imperative that everyone does.

Depending on who you ask, from about twenty five percent up to nearly seventy five percent of all workers want to continue working from home after the pandemic. Are you losing out because your tech isn’t flexible?

Cloud Circuit

Most tech services can be run in the cloud. That provides you the flexibility to work in multiple offices, at home, or on the go. Do business anywhere with anyone. The best are everywhere.

Out of date technology locks you into a rigid system that’s not flexible enough for today’s marketplace. Worse it might break at any time! And often it happens at the worst times possible!

Business continuity plans require you know how you’re backing up data and plan for replacement equipment.

Cloud systems provide resilience to disasters, rapid changes to your business operations, and even do it all while being more secure and cost effective!

We created a test lab with Microsoft Azure earlier this year and are happy to recommend that to your business. If you already have AWS never fear, we have plenty of experience with that as well. We have a deep understanding of the fundamentals. Therefore we can confidently help you with any cloud system if you want to try a different one.

So why not move your outdated tech to the cloud?

Do you know how much your tech costs? Sign up today to claim your free discovery plan!

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