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Security Checkpoint: Social Break

Ever run out of business cards right before meeting a really important contact? Still waiting on your company or printer to get your business cards ready? Want to have a business contact card ready to hand out to anyone at anytime? Of course you do!

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This video shows you how to make a digital business card with a QR code that you can download to your smartphone and share with anyone to scan.

So the next time we meet at a social event you can share your business and contact info with me. No more excuses!

What you need to set up your digital business card

  • Your contact info on a webpage. This can be your personal or business website, LinkedIn page, facebook page, instagram, or digital business card.
  • A web browser that can generate the QR Code: We’ve tested Brave Browser (shown in video), Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge. Others may work but we can’t verify that, so if you have a problem try one of those.
  • Be sure to download the QR Code image to your phone so it’s easy to show it off to new people you meet and share your contact info.

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Be sure that you have the rights and consent to any information you are sharing. If it’s your company you might want to ask your manager or HR to make sure you are sharing public info. If you have your own company or want to promote yourself, make sure the info you are sharing is all available to the public and you’re comfortable sharing it in the first place. A little preparation and respect goes a long way to help everyone’s privacy and security.

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