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Data Backups with UrBackup on Windows

Security Checkpoint is back with data backups in UrBackup! Data backups are an important part of your digital security plan. Don’t do them yet? That’s exactly why we use built-in tools or free open-source tools to make sure that everyone can set these up. You can’t afford to miss doing these. But like a lot of things, you or your company’s needs may vary so contact us to get setup on a plan that works for all your people and systems!

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In this example we show you a Network Attached Storage (NAS) where we sync all our data. If it’s just you and your PC Windows Backup works fine with an external Hard Drive which you can pickup affordably enough. We recommend a drive with capacity at least twice the capacity of your PC. For example if you have a PC with 256GB storage space get a drive with at least 512 GB storage space. Since you can use spinning hard drives that cost less you can certainly buy larger storage and use that.

But don’t take our word for it, check UrBackup’s official documentation.

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