Security Checkpoint Layered Approach and Bitwarden

Security Checkpoint A Layered Approach to Security

Security Checkpoint A Layered Approach to Security

Security Checkpoint why use a layered approach with Bitwarden? Imagine having a few pieces of Swiss cheese, each one has holes in different places. Then imagine stacking them on top of each other until there are no holes. Now things can’t get through. This is why we use a layered approach to security. Some measures may not prevent some attacks, but together several layers will prevent most risks.

Security Checkpoint – is a new series of web videos where we go through and improve our digital privacy and security one step and one minute at a time. These are all great security and privacy practices. You can follow along as Alan goes through his digital life and cleans up data and access.

It’s two for Tuesday today since we have 2 videos to share today!

Introduction to Bitwarden

It’s 2023 and you still need a password manager. Passwordless solutions are on the horizon, but in order to be ready you need to get your house in order today. One key tool to help you with that is the password manager. We use Bitwarden and recommend it to anyone who can remember their main password. If you trust yourself with that, use Bitwarden. The free account is fantastic for most people and their paid account offers more useful feature at a reasonable price. Best of all it works on all computing devices you already use: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iPhone, iPad, Google Chrome, FireFox, Edge, no matter where you are online, you can use it!

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