Building a Better You: Tech with Alan Youngblood

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Ep. 16 The Tech Industry Uses So Much Jargon – IT with Alan Youngblood

Building a better you tech talk new podcast just dropped today! When Nick Spindler and Chris Morgan, co-hosts of the Garner Young Professionals‘ Building a Better You podcast invited our founder Alan Youngblood to join for an episode he was delighted. We’ve listened to several episodes of the podcast and highly recommend that you listen, subscribe, and like the channel.

Nick and Chris are doing a great job collaborating with the Garner Chamber of Commerce. They created a great resource that is sourced by our community and the shared knowledge and wisdom we each bring.

Building A Better You Tech Talk

In episode 16 Alan Youngblood shares about Building a Better You and talks tech with Nick and Chris. The conversation covers the fundamental IT security practices that everyone can do to improve and mitigate real risks. There’s even some decidedly low-tech suggestions that Alan shares about how he connects with nature and integrates more humanity in life and work. Listen below and contact us if you have questions or need help with your company’s technology!

18. A Look Back w/ Nicole Barone Building a Better You

In this episode, Nicole Barone is back to help us take a look at the podcast so far and dive deeper into some of the insights we've gained from it. Info about the Garner Young Professionals: HERE Info about Davis Insurance and Financial Services: HERE Contact Nicole: [email protected] Info about Community of Hope Ministries: HERE Info about Chris Morgan – Grow Local Realty: HERE Info about Nick Spindler – Grow Local Realty: HERE Music by Zeph Park
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