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Looking for privacy focused search alternatives? Here, let me google that for you. Or…perhaps not. If you stop to think about how Google’s marketing were able to replace the word search with their service, it’s impressive. But are there any everyday InfoSec search alternatives? The company that once lived by the motto: “Do no evil” may now be too big to effectively enforce their defining principle. 

The Problem

You may have also noticed that in focusing on making money serving you ads, the search results aren’t as good as they once were. Google is better than some tech companies, but any information shared with a tech company that you cede ownership gives them that data forever. What if you’re a privacy focused person searching for alternatives? We currently lack the legal infrastructure to do anything about shared personal data, thus companies will likely collect all they can and keep it as long as they can in order to maximize their own profits.

Privacy Focused Search Alternatives

So what do we do if we want our data private? Not share it with proprietary companies that only have their own financial interests at heart of course! While that may seem obvious and easier said than done, it’s not. Let’s get your Internet search data private in a just one click. What if I told you that you can get quality search results without being tracked and profiled? Well you can. Try duckduckgo.com If you like it, consider using it as your default search engine in all your browsers. We’ll cover how to do that on the next post in Everyday InfoSec.


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