Security Checkpoint Google Passkeys

Security Checkpoint Google Passkeys get us all one step closer to our goal from earlier this year to have secure simple sign ins.

Security Checkpoint Google Passkeys

Annoyed by passwords? Yeah we are too. What if I told you there’s already something better. It’s both more secure and easier to use? What is this magic? Simple, they’re called Passkeys and we highly recommend you use them with your Google account as we show here.

Passkey icon

How is this even possible? Well you can see what we said earlier this year about Passkeys, or go right to the source who’s developing them.

In short, Passkeys use your computer or smartphone device’s built-in security along with a biometric face or touch scan to make more secure multifactor authentication. So forget reusing your pet Fluffy’s name to protect important data. You weren’t still doing that right? Right?

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