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Enable Google Enhanced Safe Browsing

Security Checkpoint Google Enhanced Safe Browsing can be enable for proactive protection when using Google Chrome or Gmail. Sounds good to us! Be aware that you are trading some privacy for the extra protection though. If you want the official terms and conditions see Google’s page here.

With that awareness this is a great time to remind you of a website called Terms of Service; Didn’t Read or You can see their entry on Google Chrome. Before you get outraged at their “D” grade ranking be mindful that most commonly used services or technologies get an “E” ranking.

If you’re still concerned about privacy and think twice about using Google Chrome, you can use Brave Browser (which is based on the same underlying technology) and respects your privacy to the tune of a grade “B” on tosdr. Firefox also has a “B” grade and if you’re feeling really nerdy or adventurous you can get a modified version called Waterfox that has an “A” rating!

However if you still want to use Google Chrome and don’t mind sharing a bit more of your data and browsing with Google then Enhanced Safe Browsing is a great way to bolster your security!

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