Services for Businesses

Whether you started your own company or are employee of the month at work, chances are good you got there because you are skilled at doing great things for your customers and clients. Unfortunately it’s far more common to have a “bad computer day” rather than a “bad hair day.” Or maybe you don’t have any problems with your computing systems, but they’re just really slow and you haven’t been able to update things lately. Perhaps you’ve wondered about your company’s cyber-security and wondered what you can do to help improve it and win trust and praise from your clients and customers.

Whatever it is that you do well at work, the best way to spend your time is to continue to doing that well. But there are plenty of valid reasons for growing concerns with security, speed, and usability of your IT systems. At Oak City IT, we would love to help you by tailoring our service and consulting to your unique business or organization. We want to equip you to succeed at your work to enrich this wonderful area in the Research Triangle where we all live.

Ask about our services for your business or organization:

  • Rapid deployment systems for hardware and software (To get those new hires up to speed much quicker)
  • Office network assessments
  • Office network upgrades
  • Consulting on business software (Tracking time, billing, invoicing, and expenses; Office software, databases, Customer Relationship Management (CRM))
  • Custom tools that interface with databases or web software
  • Server administration
  • Data backup and integrity planning
  • Security assessments
  • Security enhancements
  • Workstation setup
  • Computer repairs
  • Web development, design, and security enhancement
  • Virtualization and remote access

Been thinking about something your organization needs that wasn’t listed yet? Just ask here!

Need help at home? A list of the services we provide for individuals are here.