WiFi and Networking

WiFi and Networking

Services for upgrades, installations, and optimizations of your WiFi and computer Networking.


These days WiFi connections are an essential utility like running water, heating and air, and electricity. People expect you to have WiFi with good quality of service. Whether you have a clinic waiting room, offices for employees, stream netflix at home, an open restaurant or coffee shop with many customers coming by, you can enhance your employee’s work performance, entice new clients and customers to come to your business, stay longer, or enjoy your time more. People have many options and generally speaking, they’ll go somewhere else if the WiFi is better – even if you give them plenty other great reasons to stay. The good news is that most WiFi upgrades are easy and relatively inexpensive. If you’ve noticed slow-down or trouble connecting to your Wireless Internet you can’t afford to miss out on upgrading it to a better network.

Fiber is coming, are you ready?

The latest technology for wired networking is Fiber-optic. It’s been around many years and other parts of the world offer it in homes and offices already. While the US is a bit behind the international stage, we in the Raleigh/Triangle area of NC are lucky in that we’re ahead of many other locations in the US. Are you ready for better speeds and quality of service with your internet connection? I don’t offer the connection itself, but I can help you be ready to work with AT&T Fiber, Google-Fiber, or any other service to make sure you have the right equipment and have all the speed you need, with no hassle on setups.

Need help with wired networks?

Wires are the way of the past…right? In many circumstances, yes, but sometime they are still the best solution for a remote corner office that never gets WiFi signal, or if you need to be sure your connection is working and not dropping information. Plus, if you’re getting setup for Fiber and you want to get every Bit/sec you’re paying for, you want to keep using wired networks. Don’t worry about the details, I’ll help you get set up with what you need an only recommend the best and most cost effective solutions for what you deem important.

How do I know if I need an upgrade?

Having a good WiFi network doesn’t have to be difficult. Some easy ways to tell if you will benefit from an upgrade:

  • The last time you upgraded was before 2014. (The latest WiFi standard is called “AC” and provides significant speed and quality boosts).
  • You’ve added more online devices to your office or home. Since many people now use smart phones, you may have added 200% more need to your WiFi Network.
  • Try beta.speedtest.net¬†and if you aren’t getting at least 100 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload, it’s a good time to upgrade.
  • You want to own your router/modem instead of paying rent on it from your ISP. Owning takes more money up front, but in the long run you will be saving.
  • Look at your router, how many antennas does it have? A single antenna may mean that your router is too old to support the “N” and “AC” WiFi and it also means you are effectively sharing the same connection for all internet devices and sharing both their upstream and downstream connection. This is a big bottleneck for older networks.