Seth Youngblood

I had a great experience working with Oak City IT to troubleshoot my internet speed issues. While it was only for personal use and not getting the speeds we pay for, this year has shown that we may need the ability to work from home in the snap of a finger. The solution that we … Read more

Larry Loy

Alan helped me to upgrade my HP machine from Windows 7 to Windows 10. This service was provided in the most prompt, thorough, and professional manner, while maintaining great value. I look forward to working with Oak City IT again in the future.

Tracy Hinson

Alan assisted in updating & cleaning up MacBook Pro and Tablet software. He was able to provide trustworthy service while completing the tasks in a very timely manner. An excellent communicator and provided exceptional instruction.

Kathryn Elias, Vintage Church

Alan is a devoted and passionate when it comes to IT work. He is knowledgeable, thorough, and always willing to help find a solution, despite how challenging some of the projects can be. Helping us with general IT maintenance went a long way in improving our organization.

FlexGen Power Systems

Alan is a professional, reliable, and knowledgeable IT consultant. He secured our company’s Intellectual Property by implementing a company wide cyber security platform. He ensured our employees hardware would not be compromised during travel in the US and abroad with VPN’s, firewalls, encryption and best practice guidelines. We accomplished our leaner IT infrastructure goal together … Read more

Vintage Church – Eric Spivey

I really enjoy working with Alan; he’s incredibly knowledgeable, dependable, and solves problems creatively to his clients’ benefit. I’ve worked with Alan on multiple projects thus far and he approaches tasks thoughtfully and carefully. I can depend on him to do the research necessary to tackle our IT solutions, and he’s great at following through … Read more