Oak City IT Tech Shorts 02: On-boarding Automation

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On-boarding automation takes everyday tasks and makes them a breeze. Do you know how much your on-boarding and off-boarding cost?

You’re growing fast and have a booming internship program that’s great, right? Sure, but it takes a lot of time and money to maintain.

Setting up each employee’s laptop manually takes a technician four hours of labor. The employee cannot work until it is ready.

We can set up a provisioning system that installs all the needed software and configurations to multiple laptops at the same time. It takes a minute of setup and fifteen minutes of automatic configuration. That’s less than 1 percent of the paid labor and twelve percent of the down-time.

Perhaps your business is rapidly growing customers? The on-boarding process there requires many repetitive tasks we can help you automate. You want a streamlined process for new customer intake that collects all the relevant information from them, responds automatically and then creates a profile on your sale database? We can help you set up a system on your company’s website that’s quick and easy for anyone with an Internet connection to do business.

Ready to level up your security? Need a new software tool installed on all of your employee’s machines or even just one departments? Automation systems make this work a breeze and we can get everyone patched up and set up quickly getting you back to work.

But what if I use a Mac, or Linux machines, or a combo of all the above? There are options for mobile device management (MDM) that we can use to help you manage all your business’s tech assets from smartphones to laptops to servers.

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