Security Checkpoint Twitter Part 3

Security Checkpoint Twitter Part 3: Hardware Tokens

Security Checkpoint – Twitter – is a new series of web videos where we go through and improve our digital privacy and security one step and one minute at a time. These are all great security and privacy practices. You can follow along as Alan goes through his digital life and cleans up data and access.

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Multi-Factor Authentication

In this quick video we go through multi-factor authentication or MFA. It’s also called Two factor or two step authentication. Think of MFA as a layered approach to verifying you are how you claim to be. Why a layered approach? Simply, the more layers of security you have create more hoops for hackers to jump to breach your data. Good security requires knowing what you value. Then you take as many reasonable measures to prevent valuable data and systems falling into the wrong hands.

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Authenticator Apps

We covered these last time, so watch the previous episode for more info.

Hardware Token Keys

We also demonstrate setting up a hardware token key. These function like the technology equivalent of a house key. You’ll have to pay a premium if you want this next-level security. We have the Yubikey 5C with NFC and Yubikey 5 with NFC.

You’ll want at least two (one shared backup is fine for a small company or department). Remember house keys? What happens if you accidentally lock yourself out of your house in a hurry to get somewhere? Well maybe you have another key entrusted to a neighbor or nearby family or friends. You don’t hide it the first place any thief would look under your doormat, do you? Maybe you need to check on that too. That’s why it’s important to buy at least a couple keys whenever you choose to use them. Set up both the same way at the same time and store your backup in a safe place. You can literally use a safe or locked filing cabinet for extra security!

Because you’ll want two hardware token keys and they are roughly $50 each, you should budget $100 to get started with these. You will also need to plan a couple of weeks lead time for the order process and until you get the devices delivered.

Don’t Care About Twitter? Think Again

Don’t use twitter much anymore but still have your account? Neither do we! Who cares? Well we do, and you should too! Cleaning up old data, accounts, and systems is a very vital part of your digital security and privacy well being. Imagine you had your old email from middle school without updates and just left the account running. The old server never got updated enough and now someone got into it and used it to compromise your work Instagram. Yikes! So safe removal, deletion, or updated security are required for all systems you use in your digital life.

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