Resume: Alan Youngblood

Below is the resume for Alan Youngblood. Join us to celebrate his 10th year working in IT. Connect with Alan on LinkedIn!

Alan remains committed to our business’s clients and is constantly learning about new technology solutions to innovate and improve your work!

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Seems like just yesterday I was wrapping my head around Inception-style remote connections and virtualization with the support team at Global Knowledge. Now I’m managing Oak City IT’s microservers in docker on infrastructure we designed and built to serve our clients’ needs!

Alan Youngblood
Alan Youngblood
Alan Youngblood, CEO/IT Director

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Comparison of 2012 to 2022


  • Windows 7
  • Mac OSX 10.8 Mountian Lion
  • Virtualization like VMWare
  • iPhone 5
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2
  • Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n)
  • 4G Cellular Networks available, 3G still in wide usage


  • Windows 11
  • MacOS 13 Ventura
  • Containerization like Docker
  • iPhone 14
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4
  • Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax)
  • 5G Cellular Networks
  • The CD (Compact Disc) Technology celebrated its 40th anniversary

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