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Raleigh Area Technology Consulting:

Our team provides Information Technology consulting services for small to mid-sized businesses and organizations. We are based in the Raleigh area of North Carolina. We enjoy serving local clients especially when you need on-site help. Since the beginning we have helped people all over the world achieve their goals. In the ever changing global and cloud markets, we can help anyone regardless of your location.

We offer our IT essentials that all organizations need. For example everyone needs firewalls, PC backups, network optimizations, and web development. Additionally we can help with your tech support needs, infrastructure, and cyber security.

In short: we all rely on fast, secure, optimized technology. That’s why you can rely on us to keep you online doing what you do best. We provide Raleigh area technology consulting that is tailored to your organization.

Alan Youngblood, our founder grew up and lives in the Raleigh area. He earned his Communication degree from NC State in 2008. Likewise, Alan studied at the Cisco Networking Academy where he got a solid foundation in tech. Following college he started in IT in 2012. He worked at a couple different IT training companies where he got a wide range of experience. Since 2017, he has worked hard to grow the business and serve the community.

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Areas of Expertise

Firewalls and Security

  • Juniper SRX router/security all-in-one
  • Cisco ASA
  • Cisco Meraki
  • Dell SonicWall
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PC Backups

  • Project FOG (Free Open Source)
  • Windows Built-In Backup Tool
  • Apple TimeMachine Mac Backups and Server
  • Rsync for Linux Servers
  • TimeShift (Free Open Source)
  • Clonezilla (Free Open Source) full image backup/restore
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Network Optimization

  • Heat mapping of WiFi coverage zones (On-premises only)
  • WiFi Access Point (AP) placement for optimization
  • Consulting on ISP speed and Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Local Network Design
  • Cabling Consulting or Installation
  • Router/Switch Consulting
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Web Development

  • WordPress design, development
  • SquareSpace Consulting
  • Custom Web App Consulting
  • JavaScript Web App Development or Bug Fixes
  • SQL Database Administration
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Advanced Systems

  • Virtualization: VMWare, MS Hyper-V, VirtualBox, KVM
  • Cloud Systems: AWS, Google Cloud, Azure
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Version Control Systems: Perforce, Git, GitHub, GitLab, Gitea
  • DevOps integrations of existing systems
  • Operating Systems: Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android
  • Automation: shell scripting, Windows system scheduler

Cloud Circuit

Risk Analysis and Plan

Did you know that over half of all cyber attacks target small businesses? And nearly 7 in 10 of those businesses suffered an attack in the last year? On the low end of the average these data breaches cost your company $120,000, yikes!

That’s pretty scary. Take a deep breath, keep calm, and carry on. Leave that concern to us. It’s our job. Certainly take it seriously though.

Not sure where to begin? We’ve got you covered there too. Just ask us for our Risk Analysis and Plan (RAP). We will work together to get a holistic view of your current security posture with recommended solutions to improve what matters.


If your company works in Accounting, Engineering, or Software Development, then you’re already among clients in the fields we’ve helped succeed.

Does your company have 250 employees or less? Are you looking to grow your business but don’t know the technology and organizational challenges preventing that growth? Do you need to cut costs out of daily work?

If you’re working in one of the following industries, contact us to begin a discovery package to put known solutions to your unknown technology problems. If you are interested in our services but work in a different field, please contact us here to see how we can help.


Tax Preparers
Financial Planners
Business Operations


Electrical Engineering
BioTechnology Engineering
Industrial Engineering

Software Developers

Application Developers
Software as a Service (SaaS) Developers
Web Developers
Video Game Developers

Oak City IT has reliable tech solutions you can count on!

We want to earn your trust by helping you with any technology needs. Technology is a crucial part of everyday life for all of us. So choose us to help you improve yours!

Oak City IT LLC provides consulting services that deal with all the technology needs of small to mid sized organizations. It is owned and operated by Alan Youngblood.

We do not stock any hardware inventory. Please do not contact us with requests related to hardware or inventory sourcing.

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