Back to School 2020

A guide for parents, students, teachers, and faculty returning to school instruction safely in virtual classrooms


Many schools are requiring online instruction for part or all of the 2020 school year. This means we will have to learn new ways of teaching and learning. To increase safety and stop the spread of Covid-19 many schools will teach classes over the Internet. Most schools that have required online instruction have supplied their students and teachers with the necessary equipment, but you may want your own upgraded equipment or you may have questions about how to get everything connected. We’re here to help!

Health Guidelines

*These are recommendations from Oak City IT, however, we are IT professionals and have been informed from the CDC Guidelines.* While there are still many unknowns with the global pandemic of COVID-19, scientists and healthcare professionals largely agree on the basics:

  • Wear a mask (or face covering) in public spaces.
  • Wash your hands. Do this regularly and thoroughly for 30 seconds, especially before and after restroom use, coughing, sneezing, and eating or drinking.
  • Wait 6-12 feet apart. Always be sure to keep a physical distance between you and anyone you do not live with.

Keep in mind that these health guidelines for wearing a mask and distancing only apply to public spaces, though you will want to wash your hands at home as well. Many parents are working from home and many families are sharing spaces, which presents new challenges which we can provide advice.

Detailed Look:

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